Industrial Quality Inspections With The Power Of AI

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We put eyes in the production line by making cognitive cameras for manufacturing. Our cameras uses the latest advances in machine learning technology to help you reduce defect rates and optimize your production flows.

Our Vision

We envision a future where autonomous systems makes the world a more sustainable place by empowering manufacturing companies with autonomous product and services that is simple and easy to use we will accelerate this transitions.

About Us

At Gimic we use artificial intelligence together with machine vision to create a learning loop that utilize errors in the production line to continuously improve the quality performance and minimize the defect output.

Why Choose Gimic?

We combine cameras with artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning to streamline the quality assurance in your production line and take you one step closer to Industry 4.0! 


Gimic delivers a industrial quality assurance system with the power of AI. This will help your business reduce labor costs and costs of corrective actions. At the same time, it strengthens the quality of your product and increases your customers trust for your company.

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Swepart Transmission kund Gimic
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