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Customised Visual Inspection Systems

We are aware that every customer is unique and that one size does not fit all. Therefore, with the innovative spirit that is Gimic we are always open to tailor the solution to fit your specific need. The AI technology allows for easy training for detection of defects, in comparison to previous common programmable vision detection systems. 

We offer finished solutions containing the AI system along with the needed hardware. A complete inspection system that is ready to be quickly implemented into the production line.

Application Examples: 

Surface Inspection

Major and minor visible surface defects on all types of surfaces are possible to be detected and reported by the system, for instance scratches, nicks, marks, pores, or much more. If it is visible then it can be detected. 

Quality Inspection 

Customers with low or even zero tolerance to defects will demand complete control over the inspection process down to each and every individual unit. The AI system offers this assurance in a cost-effective approach. 

The gathered data is stored in Hyperlink:Cotton and allows for continuous improvement of the production to ensure that the production process is working at its optimal level.


AI technology allows us to quickly train the system to identify shapes, colours and more. A necessary ability for a packaging system or other allocation tasks. 

Presence Control

Verification is often required in the production process and can be accomplished by the Gimic system. For example this could be applied in assembly checks to …