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Gimic deliver a complete system for inspections and follow-up of production quality. We offer a solution where we replace the human eye with a digital one. By using cameras that inspect your products and software with artificial intelligence, the inspection is performed with accuracy and all data is collected.



In-line scan of the object

Motus is used for inspection of defects and missing details of objects in the production line. Motus is equipped with a conveyor belt and uses AI based motion or snapshot inspection.

By training from an error-free object, Motus can verify that all details on an object are present and correctly positioned.

Inline quality assurance product with artificial intelligence Conveyor



MAIN OBJECTIVES: In-line scan of the object
SCOPE OF DETECTION: Ensures that all details and
parts of the product are
correctly positioned
HARDWARE: Proprietary robust hardware equipped
with high resolution cameras and a
conveyor belt
DEPLOYMENT: Manually or integrated in
a production line
FEATURES: Has a correct part as basis for detecting deviations

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