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Gimic deliver a complete system for inspections and follow-up of production quality. We offer a solution where we replace the human eye with a digital one. By using cameras that inspect your products and software with artificial intelligence, the inspection is performed with accuracy and all data is collected.



Real-time analytics
and reporting

Cotton is our quality system that collects and processes production data from the inspections so that you can extract actual value that helps your business make strategic decisions.

Cotton displays statistics of the real-time inspections in a user-friendly way. You get an overview of the number of approved and rejected products as well as a timeline to see when the issue arose. This simplifies the traceability of a specific type of product across different factories, lines and devices.



MAIN OBJECTIVES: Real-time analytics
and reporting

– Role-based access
– User-friendly interface
– Drill down and drill
through reporting
– Traceability down
 to individually
produced product 

DATA STORAGE: Easy access to stored images and videos through an event log
DATA COLLECTION: Collects and processes all
data from the inspections

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